Quinault River

Diana Fairbanks

I relish the excuse to look at the world carefully and intensely and to record the wonders that I can observe. I delight in the opportunity to mess with colors and textures to recreate the facts of the beautiful things I see. My art is considered representational and I often integrate my interest in science and history into images. I also enjoy collecting and painting common objects in still life. My latest projects include printmaking focused on botanical specimens from my home in Olympia, WA Others focus on landscapes, particularly those of my home state of Washington.

I also value the process of art-making in itself. This explains my continued interest in teaching art-making to others. And it drives my passion for drawing, as a valuable art form in itself and as a preparation for other arts such as painting and print-making. I am interested in obscure drawing media because they require the artist to focus, with new skills, on the exploratory process of selecting, arranging, observing, recording, and evaluating a subject. They also illuminate the history of art and technology and suggest the future of that alliance.