Collage - Assemblage - Sculpture

I come from a poetry background, which along with my art has been influenced by Surrealism.

My art has been most influenced by the collage work of my friend, David Singer, and Satty in the 70's in San Francisco. I had wanted to be a photographer, but I was soon hooked on collage, as a way to remake the world, to create visual poetry. As a stepchild of Max Ernst, I first worked like he did, with old black and white engravings, and later, color photographs from a myriad of sources.

Soon I was making posters for poetry readings and other events in the community, having collages published in literary magazines, such as Kayak, and illustrating the work of other poets and writers.

I have since expanded from two dimensions to three, using fabric, beads, wood, stone, metal, natural materials, in wall hangings, sculptures and assemblages. When I go for a walk I fill my pockets with found objects that I might use.

I am happiest when I’m making things. I take a great delight in my creations, where hours go by and I hardly notice, hours where life’s problems don’t exist. Nothing else quite accomplishes this.

Ms. Beausoleil is also Editor and Publisher of Philos Press.