Laraine returned to painting while teaching high school in Olympia.  Her emphasis in college had been ceramics but while teaching her passion turned to painting.  She began with large flowers, leaves, landscapes with clouds and water.  Ones you could put yourself into and feel like you were there.

In 2016 her curiosity for new materials helped her to change direction.  She has been and will continue, creating designer art quilts with a contemporary look, modern and Asian fabrics with lots of gold touches for elegance.  The new oil paintings have curves and circles, full of movement with subtle transitions of color.

Acrylic inks beckoned and experimentation began with a delicate minimalistic approach.  Delicate colors with small amounts of foil and gold leaf add to the elegance.  These are the most exciting paintings of all.  Again the movement of the materials creates the unique and beautiful paintings.  One can see many things within the new works.  She hopes you enjoy her new work.