I was born in Seattle and earned my B.A. in Clinical Psychology at WWU Bellingham, in 1983. I have made my permanent home in Olympia since 1988. I am largely a self-taught artist, learning by experimentation. I have, on occasion, painted works on commission.

I have taught Yoga since 2007 as I have found peace and union between body, mind, heart, breath, spirit, emotions therein.

I derive my inspiration from backpacking the coastal beaches and the Hoh and Dosiwallips rivers, and hiking the smaller peaks of the Olympic Peninsula. I enjoy painting landscapes, wildlife, and flowers. I also paint religious art as a means of listening to God through meditative absorption.

In place of lawn at home, I grow flowers and strawberries in the front yard, and vegetables, berries, and herbs in raised beds in the back yard, where my husband and I have created an urban homestead on a scant quarter acre. I find that a connection with the living soil nourishes my spirit and honors Mother Earth.

I alternate through various media in order to keep my work fresh. I paint and sketch on location as much as possible, but also paint a great deal in my home studio, working from photos and on-site sketches. My art is motivated by the desire to share a profound sense of the sacred imminent in the natural world.

Media: watercolor, pen and ink, sumi-e brush and ink, photography, acrylic, oil pastels, and colored pencil.  Studio art viewing and sales are available by appointment. I can be reached via the contact page on my website.

Autumn Colors

Autumn Maze

Capitol Lake Daydream

High Waves

Ice Moon

Rialto Waves

Winter Mist 2