I have been making things out of fabric since I was a child—doll clothes on my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine, clothes to wear, and now, using fabrics to make pictures.

I try to use cast-off material—from clothes, garage sales, upholstery sample books. Sometimes I purchase small pieces of fabric if I need a color and/or texture I don’t have in my fabric stash. I encourage the fabric’s properties of color, texture, pattern, weight and sheen to be an integral part of the overall image. Sometimes I purposefully choose a fabric for a realistic object not found in nature—for playfulness or even to shake you up a bit. My pieces celebrate the fabric as much as the images they imitate.

Some of my artwork is done in series—you are seeing an image from the Zen Oxherding series, which is derived from ancient Chinese sumi brush paintings depicting the search for self.

The message is—Wherever you go, there you are!I also make landscapes, and you are seeing two images depicting scenes from Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, Arizona—a 49-acre park filled with southwestern plants, a gift from Dick and Jean Wilson over thirty years ago.


Shadows in Adobe

Zen SW Oxherding series No 1

Eucalyptus Tree at the Gateless Gate

Tohono Chul Windows